*See you in 2020 at GFZ Potsdam!

as announced on Wednesday 20th of June 2018 by Nathalie, the next EMPG will be held at GFZ Potsdam, Germany.
It will be organized by Max Wilke (Uni Potsdam) and Monika Koch-Müller (GFZ, TU Berlin) and by the Experimentalists of Uni Münster, Germany (Stephan Klemme and Carmen Sanchez-Valle) with support of our group members.
Thus, in exactly two years you are invited to attend our  the icebreaker Party on top of the the lovely  Telegrafenberg.

Mark the dates 21. 6. until 24. 6. 2020.

*EMPG XVI Student awards

We are delighted to announce the winners of the EMPG STUDENT AWARD.

Twelve jury members have worked hard during the three days of the
meeting in order to select six students for the two paralell sessions of
the three days (posters and talks together).
We would like to thank all the students for their participation and the
extremely good quality of their presentations !

_The awardees are:_
Li WEIRAN (University Singapore) for « A new experimental study on
multicomponent diffusion of F, Cl and OH in apatite and implications for
magma ascent rate determinations ».
Damien FREITAS (UCA, France) for « Experimental evidence supporting
global melt layer at the base of the Earth’s upper mantle ».
Wiebke PISCHEL (University Goettingen, Germany) for « The effect of redox
on the viscosity of halogen-bearing basaltic melts ».
Kelsey PRISSEL (University Saint Louis, USA) for « Evaporative Iron Loss
During One-Atmosphere Gas-Mixing Experiments ».
Tamara BUSCHE (University Goettingen, Germany) for « The effect of P2O5
on unmixing of basaltic melts ».
Zineb NABYL (ISTO Orléans, France) for « Rare Earth Elements
fractionation in alkaline magma: an experimental approach ».

Congratulations !!

_The International Jury was compposed of:_

Sylvie DEMOUCHY (Université Montpellier, France)
Hélène BUREAU (IMPMC, Université Sorbonne, France)
Yanbin WANG (Université Chicago, USA)
Carmen SANCHEZ-VALLE (University Münster, Germany)
Muriel LAUBIER (UCA, France)
Mickaël LAUMONIER (UCA, France)
Célia DALOU (CRPG, Nancy)
Mathieu ROSKOSZ (MNHN, Université Sorbonne, France)
Geeth MANTHILAKE (UCA, France)
Julien CHANTEL (Université Lille, france)
Lena MELEKHOVA (University Bristol, England)

*Photos of the excursion

Link to download the photos:




*Important information concerning the gala dinner:

The conference dinner will be held in the evening of Tuesday June 19 in the Casino of Royat (Theatre room):



You can join this place

  • by a 36 minutes walk
  • by bus from Place de Jaude with line B stop at Place Allard (final stop)


*The EMPG16 program and abstract book is now available:


EMPG XVI – Clermont-Ferrand – FINAL  (updated 5th June)



More than 200 scientists will participate…







*SFMC Scholarships for PhD students

The SFMC wishes to support the participation of PhD students to the EMPG with scholarships of 350 euros.
Applications should be submitted via an electronic form before March 2nd.
All the informations and the application form are available at the following address:







Downloadable version: